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Finding Your Perfect Stylist

The Parlour

Artistic expression is at the heart of every diehard stylist. In the most general sense, the hair industry is pretty straight-forward: routine maintenance and personal care. However, if we cut beneath the surface of this trade, we quickly discover that there exists complex layers to what is a diverse, dynamic and colorful profession.

The seeker will find an intricately braided web of multi-faceted proportions: at the root of this weave there is a vast array of styles, fashions and trends. Yet at the ends of each weave are the magic hands of the stylists, which, individually, represent a broad range of skills, experience, and specialties.

At this juncture, the consumer tends to find him or herself tangled up with conflict. Moreover, there is a strong possibility that as you are reading this you are asking yourself, “how do I find my perfect stylist?” Well, not to put a masque on it, the most direct and honest reply is that there is no simple answer to this question; however, we can divulge this most certain Hair Truth for your consideration: do NOT settle for a hobby hairstylist.

At the The Parlour, we are not in the market of doing hair as a hobby. We do hair as a profession and that, in itself, carries and intrinsic value with it. Let’s face it, good hair comes at a high price. Most likely, if you see really good hair that resonates with crisp tones and vibrant colors that blend and flow as if nature herself had painted the canvas, then there’s a good chance this was not accomplished out of a garage or a suite.

The next factor in this equation is equally vital, so please listen up. Not all stylist are created equal. They come from different training backgrounds, they have different passions, they are at different points in their life and career. Regardless of the circumstances, at the heart of the diehard stylist is that fire and passion that resounds from within, therefore, fortifying their resolve to be among the ranks of the practicing professional.

To sufficiently extrapolate the underlying motives for any given hair service, the single greatest factor to achieve a successful outcome is to keep at the forefront of any visit your “end goal.” So please, take the time to ask your self: “WHY do I want my hair done. What’s driving me and what’s the underlying motivation for my next visit.” Know your WHY and your search for the perfect stylist will be a much easier road upon which you will travel!

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