The Parlour Salon in Encinitas


Cutting. Edge. Style.

At The Parlour, the physical surrounds of the establishment are part and parcel to the creative hair process. Everything about The Parlour is custom. There’s nothing generic about the space - and that’s for good reason. Hair stylists - by nature - are artists and creationists. Both the natural and raw materials within the space transcend just doing hair as a hobby to that of a skilled trade.

The concept of The Parlour as a salon is only possible by allowing a true artisan an environment which fosters individual expression. The synergy of form and function is real. The days of hair stations being pushed against a wall is a harsh and uninviting pastime. There’s nothing creative or unique to that approach. In a metaphorical sense, that very wall on which the mirror hangs inhibits the stylist's expansion of limitless creativity - therefore, one’s success.

The Parlour's philosophy is this: we are of the belief that the salon experience is a social experience. Not much really rivals the collision of styles, perspectives and ideas that develop within the confines of a full service salon company. We believe that these are the very makings of a fluid and dynamic industry.

In our salon company, we don’t push our stylist to face a mirror against the wall - our stylists face each. The circular nature of the layout signifies that the each stylist is an integral link of the unifying whole. The Parlour thrives on teamwork.

The richness our our combined styles is embedded in the concept of a revolving circle that embodies 3 aims: “learn it, do it, teach it.” In other words, you can’t keep it if you don’t give it away. It’s by holding true to these tenants that we are constantly “shaping” hair with:

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