The Parlour Salon in Encinitas

Page Linden - LEVEL 3

A LEVEL 3 Powerhouse

Paige brings an extra level of excitement and energy to our the Salon Company. At her core, Paige emanates a deep and sincere curiosity. Her inquisitive nature - coupled with an eagerness to learn - continues to put her on an upward trajectory.

In no time at all, Paige has become a Level 3 stylist and she puts to practice the principles of the Summit Salon System. To be perfectly straight, This Queen is on fire!

Paige was the first protege of Shannon. This fueled Paige's desire to expand her love for hair while simultaneously providing her with some priceless tips and tricks from one of the industry's best.

Paige has taken a keen interest in both pursuing and developing her cutting technique in addition to “Lived-In Color”and Balayage.

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Customer Reviews

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