The Parlour Salon in Encinitas

Shannon Arendsen

LEVEL 5 (Educator)

When Shannon opened The Parlour in 2010, her focus was clear and her mission was simple: “For the Love Hair.” Over a decade and two salons later, if you were to ask Shannon why she does what she does and where her passion stems from, she would point you to the sign that hangs above the entrance to The Parlour with those very four words engraved upon it.

Shannon is a stylist of a heightened caliber: her work ethic is second to none and her appetite for the trade is simply insatiable. Any bystander will marvel as Shannon seamlessly navigates between servicing her clients either simultaneously or in rapid succession.

Without question, Shannon is a hairstylist’s stylist. Her aura is palpable and her disposition, well, it’s simply infectious. She masterfully navigates the emotional stresses of the trade all while staying engaged and present. To those that leave her chair(s), they are dazzled having undergone one of Shannon’s transformations whereby she waves her magic coloring wand to and fro or has gone Edward Scissor Hands on your head.

Through all of this, Shannon continues to keep an open-mind. Full of tips and tricks, her zeal to learn and adapt new practices continues to evolve. This desire for ongoing education has carried her all over the country as she attended a class in this and a class in that. Without question, Shannon is among the most versatile and enlightened stylists of her time.

Shannon is The Parlour’s most senior-level stylist. She is slowly cutting back her hours behind the chair to facilitate a mentor and trainer position in the salon. This is a very exciting undertaking and the idea that Shannon will soon have proteges emulating her style and technique demonstrates that Shannon is more than just a salon owner/stylist: she’s building a legacy.

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